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We stand behind all our products and back them with a Lifetime Warranty. 

We will repair or replace any GS Holsters product in the event it becomes damaged

or defective free of charge.

Return Policy

If you live in the United States, please follow the procedure below.

Step 1: Visit our Services page for answers to common questions about our products.

Step 2: Include an order number and reason for the return in the package.

Step 3: Ship your product in a cardboard shipping carton to the following address:

GS Holsters 
P.O. Box 870915
Wasilla, AK 99687

Step 4: We will evaluate your product and repair or refund the order depending on the customers request.

Step 5: Turn around time will vary, but we'll do our best to return your holster to you quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

"Do you offer Left Hand Models?"
All of our left hand models are through the Gen 2 Chest Rig platform.

"Generation Difference?"
 The Gen 1 Chest Rig was the original design to create a simple and effective harness and holster combination.  The Gen 2 Chest Rigs are our second model. With the same basic design the Gen 2 Rig has more customizable options and an updated harness. 

"Does the Harness on the Chest Rigs have elastic in them?"
No, all of our rigs are free of elastic. Over time the elastic will start to breakdown and lose it's elasticity causing the rig to bounce under normal usage.

"Can different holster shells be swapped between a harness?"
No, all of the harnesses are permanently attached to the holster shells.

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